So what’s your greatest achievement?

It’s been a tough few months for me what with moving house, starting work, study and buying a house so it’s no secret I’m under par. Sometimes it takes me an hour to remember what day it is.

During the courses I run there’s a question that parents are invited to answer that goes ‘What’s your greatest achievement?’. It forms part of rebuilding self-esteem in people and some have great difficulty answering it after suffering sometimes years of abuse.

Last week a group (who I’ve been working with for some time) turned the tables unexpectedly on me and asked me the question. A no-brainer really. Although my motley crew have made a career out of (gently) taking the mickey out of me I know they’re there for me when the going gets tough. Within my family I tend to be seen as the head honch but the lovely thing is that they know even head honch’s need a bit of TLC from time to time.


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