Memoirs of a Sailor

Hey Ho everyone and hope you’re all starting to get into the Christmas spirit. I’ve just bought my Christmas jumper today with a penguin on ready for the forthcoming celebrations; I’ll take a pik later to flash it off 🙂

Anyways the last few months have been a bit of a nightmare in terms of being so busy that I’ve had no time to write; mentally I’m quite exhausted and if I’m honest I’m also emotionally exhausted which is why I’ve had to put my website on hold. I’m still waiting for a date to move into my new house and so I’m very limited for time and internet availability. But once I do finally move in and get settled I’ll get back to business as soon as I can and continue my biography. I had begun writing my second chapter which was ‘Memoirs of a sailor’ and so I’ll be carrying on with that really soon. Meanwhile I thought I’d create this picture of my service plaques as an introductory image.

Thank you all as always for supporting my website and for the lovely messages you send me xxx Alan


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