Day out with my boy

Last Saturday I took my grandson Ethan out to spend his birthday money in town (Haverfordwest). He’s a bit like his Dad (and probably me too) in that he likes anything antique or retro so it was an enjoyable day for us both. He started off in a second hand shop looking for a glass globe for his oil lamp but since there wasn’t one he settled for a couple of boxed James Bond miniature cars.

His other passion is those transformer toys and so our next stop was in this big sort of ex-catalogue shop where he successfully found several. At some point during the day we ended up in a Subway cafe where Ethan dug in to a 12 inch meatball number; I had the chicken version but thought it was quite tasteless (I wouldn’t go there again but don’t tell him). Anyway it was his birthday and so his choice. All told it was quite weird for me taking a boy shopping, they’re few on the ground in my family and don’t actually think I’ve done it before. Nice day.

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