Whilever I live so too will you, in my heart x


So much has happened since we last spoke, my beautiful sister, and it’s so hard to believe its been three years on 1 April since you left. You’ll remember I was away in India when you passed away; I felt safe to go as the doctors assured me you were in no immediate danger and I had planned the trip a long time before. I was at my old home, Bananaville, when the phone went and I knew straight away. If there was any consolation it was that I was in India among people who knew me very well and cared enough to keep their distance until I asked for their company. You would have liked India.

As the years roll on I guess my anger has abated but the hurt of missing you hasn’t. I still have bad days when I feel like I’m missing an arm or something but then you know that because I tell you. 

Back in August I got my retirement and moved down to Wales where I bought a house by the sea; I’m still practicing in Social Care but not so much in the stressy front line though I still work with little people from time to time. It’s enough for me. I don’t know yet whether I’ll do live music again but I’m thinking about painting again after I finish my studies- not to mention finishing my autobiography. Whatever I decide I’ll let you know as always.   I miss you, I love you and will always love you my sister. Whilever I live so too will you, in my heart x Alan x

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