Social Networks are going (but I’ll still be here x) 


Recently I’ve become really disillusioned with social networks to the point that (this evening) I’ve decided to delete them all. The first to go was Facebook and Facebook Messenger which I deleted last week because I’m preparing to study a difficult course and find it quite distracting. To be honest after I had deleted it I felt as though a pressure had been taken off my shoulders in that I didn’t have to check it umpteen times a day to see if I needed to respond to something. I think on top of that I was starting to find that some of the stuff on there wasn’t really what I was interested in and other stuff was just a bore.

Lately I had begun favouring my Twitter page until this evening when I saw someone I was following complain that ‘778 people were not following him back’. Rather than wonder whether I was morphing into someone as sad as that I decided Twitters days are numbered and will probably be history by the end of the week; the other networks I have (Utube, Google+, Tumblr) will follow soon afterwards.

On the bright side I will (naturally) be keeping my website here and hopefully get myself back to my writing and studying which is really what I want to do at this time in my life; to be honest it’s always what I had planned to do in my retirement. To my regular visitors here on my website can I say a sincere thank you for your support, I do really appreciate it and hope you continue to support me as you have for so many years. X x x Alan x x X

4 thoughts on “Social Networks are going (but I’ll still be here x) 

    • Aw thanks Jane, you know me well cuz (strong genes). Hopefully when I get a grip on stuff I’ll be back but as u rightly assume I had to shift stuff for a while to see through the fog. For now I will be here on my website often so please do stay in touch – took me too long to find you to let you go now x Hope life is good for you and Paul in the homeland x

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      • I was thinking of you this morning, it’s my dad’s birthday today and I was thinking how much pleasure your visit to meet him gave him. I love the photo of the 2 of you from that day. He did love to talk! Heading out now to raise a glass to him.

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        • Aw thanku Jane and I’m glad you reminded me of his birthday so now I can enjoy a bit of reflection. I absolutely loved meeting him and didn’t want it to end. He gave me a wonderful insight into the life he shared with my father that it eased real pain I had carried abound with me for years and gave me the truths to oppose so many lies. Coupled with his sense of humour (which was right up my street) his strong Geordie accent made me an instant fan, I felt as though I’d come home. I loved Uncle Trevor for his sensitivity toward me as I asked him some very searching questions. He didn’t need to be considerate yet treated me as though he had always been in my life. In hindsight I like to think I was.
          My sincere thoughts are with you today Cuz, I know what he meant to you. And for what it’s worth I really miss what could have been x x


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