Happy Birthday Uncle Trevor x


Most of my adult life has been about trying to make sense of my childhood years and along that road I’ve deliberately searched for, and found, many ‘blood’ relatives (if that’s the right term). Some of those I have found in recent years include my sister Brenda, my cousins Jane and David, and my Uncle Trevor (above) who was my fathers brother. The photo shows my Uncle Trevor with me on the day I met him, after an absence of many years; it was taken at his home in Rowlands Gill where we spent several hours catching up. 

I loved the fact that he was my fathers brother and especially that he spoke so fondly and protectively of him; what he told me that day actually changed my perception of my father from someone who had dumped me in the kids homes without a second thought to someone who had survived incredible odds and suffered the break up of his family for no fault of his own. 

When I think back to our meeting I recall a man bluntly honest, very funny and very sensitive to my feelings with regard to what he shared with me about my father; I was so lucky to have had that time with him before sadly he passed away. At his service I met his children, my birth cousins Jane and David, and am delighted to say I remain in touch with them both. 

Jane reminded me today that today is UncleTrevor’s birthday and so he is very much in my thoughts- and naturally Janes x x 


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