Real life

So I’ve finally deleted the last of my social network accounts (Twitter) and feel really at ease about it. As I was driving home today I wondered if I would ever go back on Facebook or Twitter (or any other social network)  and think it’s very unlikely. Initially I felt that I just needed a temporary break in order to concentrate on my studies but now I think I want it to be much more permanent and so the only place I’m online at all is here on my website. I’m quite happy with that and already feeling a lot less stressed.

Throughout my life I’ve been prone to becoming quite reclusive at times and so I have to work very hard not to be especially since the older I get the more it tends to knock at my door. It doesn’t help that the world news is so awful at the moment, which was one reason I wanted off Twitter; as well as that I absolutely loathe most of what is on television (particularly soaps and reality shows) and so find myself doing solitary things.

On the bright side with so much virtual life gone I’ve ended up with a fabulous gap to fill with real life.

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