My road…


I’ve always been a bit reclusive but lately time to myself has become even more attractive. Since coming off social media I’ve loved getting back in touch with real life and cherish the rare time I get to myself.

In recent months I’ve been feeling really tired, both physically and mentally, and so have been conserving my energy for the things I need to do. Naturally taking Mowgli out is always among my priorities but not just for his well being, for mine too.

For me this world seems increasingly to be morphing into a sort of cross between shallow celebrity and violent extremism both of which disillusion me and both of which I hate. Time to myself let’s me push the pause button and soak up some of the things in life I love and trust.

Time was when I’d feel guilty about taking time for myself but I don’t anymore; and if I’m really honest I prefer my private world to todays public one.


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