If you’re greedy or domineering bugger off

Looking at an advert in a newspaper this morning for children’s school uniforms. Asda are selling a 2-pack of cotton polo shirts for £1, school skirts for £1.75 and jumpers for £1. Total price £3.75. When my children were at school, thirty years ago, I’d have been lucky to buy a skirt for under £5 and heaven knows what the rest cost. Jumpers were patched at the elbows then and yet now it looks as though it would be more expensive to buy patches than a new jumper.

As a younger man I was a big fan of live boxing and would often stay up to the early hours to watch a fight on the television. They were the days of the big names such as Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Hagler, Leonard and dozens more. The excitement was amazing up the street, around the town, up and down the country and all around the world. Then Sky took boxing off mainstream television and if you wanted to watch it you had to have their equipment in your house and pay extra to view it. I’ve never had Sky because I could never afford it with having three kids so I never saw another boxing match on television. It appears now that boxing may be coming back to mainstream television – now there are no big names I would recognise and with no real interest left in the sport.

The BBC have recently announced they are phasing out the television licence in the next ten years and appear to expect us all jump up and do the fandango. Boogaloo. In ten years time people will only be watching streaming television on their computers and probably won’t even own a television set.  And so guess what? Yes you guessed right, talks are afoot to introduce a computer licence for people watching television.

Asda sell cheap school uniforms in order to get people into the shop to buy their groceries; what we save on school uniforms is sucked back on other shopping. Both Sky and the BBC have literally drained everybody of every cent they could and now expect us all to be grateful that they are giving some peanuts back; something out of date that nobody needs or even wants anymore. 

D’you know what, it’s not this world that I find disgusting it’s people; greedy people who exploit disadvantaged people. When my kids were little we were broke most of the time, I had several jobs at once for years on end and still had to fight off debt collectors till the kids left home. Coupled with my hatred of the ruthless who dominate others there aren’t many people that I want anything to do with so it’s not surprising I’m turning my back on it all. 


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