Fingers crossed I’m going in.

Hooray, so after something of a long stressful half week I finally made it to Thursday and the start of my summer leave. Looking back though it has been a good week even though I’m drained and physically tired. It’s been a while since I did any rock and roll and though it was very enjoyable it took it out of me; not just the three sets of singing but humping all the gear down from my attic into my car then out of my car into the tent – doing it all again in reverse didn’t help either but then I do have a great memory to keep.

Today my old friends Sheila and Joe are coming to stay for a week and so I’m looking forward to a few meals out and some chatter about old times; they’re in their seventies and eighties and so we won’t be going for the physical activities but then now I think about it I could do with taking my foot off the peddle a bit and saving my energy. I still have to finish preparing the garden for the new lawn turf which I’m hoping to get tomorrow. Fingers crossed, I’m going in.


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