Loving the view

  After months of looking out at either a building site or a half done garden it really is a delight to sit and look out from the bedroom window now. I’ve finally managed to turf the garden and it’s brought together the lovely rockery, apple tree, borders and flowers. 

At the top of the garden near the house (in the foreground of the photo) is a Mediterranean courtyard complete with home made sun bed and coffee table made from old pallets. The fence down the right hand side was also made from old pallets which I think will be how the left hand fence will be replaced. 

The stone wall down the left hand side of the photo has alpine plants between the stones and herbs in planters along the top. Sitting in front of the wall is the old garden bench I found and restored with junk timber.
Underneath the apple tree is a new rockery made from spare stones which used to border the path; it took some doing but I managed to belt them out of their concrete foundation with a slug hammer. At the bottom of the garden behind the raffia fence is a vegetable patch with corn on the cob, green beans, melons, raspberries and more; the new potatoes have already been harvested. Right at the bottom of the garden is the greenhouse I was given by the lady next door (as they’re selling their house) which is full of tomatoes and a grape vine.

I’m loving the view. 


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