Whitesands, St.David’s.


It’s very rare that I go out without my dog Mowgli – so rare that in the past eight years I can’t remember the last time – but after being quite ill for the past three or four days I decided to take a few hours out and go to a local beach called Whitesands just outside St Davids.

St.David’s is known for being the smallest city in the UK and (just out of curiosity) the Bishop of St.David’s is my ultimate employer.

Anyway after laying a towel down on the grass, eating a few corned beef sandwiches and having a half hearted attempt at a very easy sudoko puzzle I promptly lay down and closed my eyes. I didn’t really go to sleep I just sort of slumbered under the warm sunshine to the sweet sounds of children playing, waves breaking and the odd bee flying by; oh and a few sea gulls cawing. Fabulous – or for my Welsh readers, Fahbl-uss.


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