Hello September

Where did Summer go? Was it the day I had at the beach yesterday? Or did I miss something? Looking out of my window this morning (6:45 am UK time) it looks like the whole world just morphed into winter; it’s so overcast it looks like the skies are going to open up at any minute and dump snow on us all. 

I suppose I can’t complain; when I lived in India I really missed the seasons, it unsettled me not being able to gauge the time of year. But I still wouldn’t have minded a little notice that winter was coming!!

I was thinking the other day (probably when I was snoozing by the sea yesterday) that I’ve lived in four different countries (naturally England but also Gibraltar, India and now Wales) and having done that it’s really nice to be able to look back and reflect. Now I think about it perhaps it’s not just the weather that’s morphed; perhaps it’s me too – into an old fart. Mmm, I think that’s enough thinking for one day.


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