Just because I listen doesn’t mean I agree

A couple of days ago I suggested Tony Blair should keep his nose out of the Labour leadership election and I stand by that; nothing that man has to say is anything I want to hear. 

Having said that, and just to be clear, please don’t run away with the idea that I’m pro-Tory or in anyway a Conservative. Heavens one look at David Cameron and I become instantly nauseous; and the very suggestion that an Englishman such as me is a European is something I find nothing short of offensive. 

I’ve never believed in people ramming their politics, religions, opinions and views down other peoples throats; most of my life has been spent empowering people to speak up for themselves or advocating truthfully on their behalf. 

Diversifying slightly (while trying to stay on track here) I remember living in India and being infuriated by television advertisements for skin whitening cream that lied blatantly to women since there is no such thing. Many Indian women are led to believe their career and marriage prospects are much enhanced if their complexion is fairer. There’s something about slimy politics that reminds me of advertisements on Indian television advertisements.


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