My new little man takes some of the hurt away

A few days ago I took my beloved Takamine guitar out of its case only to find it seriously damaged; the wooden bar where the strings meet the body of the guitar had sprung up and was almost vertical. I’m guessing but I think it may have been heat damage as it was in my man cave (the attic) which gets really warm with the sun coming through the velux windows. Needless to say I was gutted (and still am) and my initial reaction was to get straight onto eBay and replace the guitar. After calming down I decided to pause and study the offers over a period of time and hopefully get a bargain before Christmas.

While browsing on eBay for a new Takamine I spotted this vintage guitar with ‘f’ holes (something I’ve always wanted) and fell absolutely in love with it immediately. I bid the minimum price of £49.99 and clicked to watch the item never thinking for a minute I would get it – but I did. And I’m dancing 🙂 It isn’t a Takamine and I will still find one at some point; but in the meantime this little man has taken some of the hurt away 🙂 



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