Two weeks prep before my course starts

Come the weekend I’m starting some serious reading to do with my forthcoming course and so I may not blog for the next two week period. 

My course starts 3 October so I decided I needed a couple of weeks prep as it’s been a while since I’ve studied – to get my mind back into that vein. I think once I’m up and running I’ll probably blog during the first two weeks of a month and then not blog for the other two because assignments are usually due in at the end of the month. The course ends in the first week of June 2016 with a three hour exam after which it will be summer again and the pressure will be off (hooray)… till next time…


6 thoughts on “Two weeks prep before my course starts

  1. Hi Jane and thank you for the message. Unfortunately I’m not aware of anyone in our family who fought at Ypres although I certainly wouldn’t rule it out; there’s been many a military bod originating from the Morpeth herd. And how fascinating to have found a trench ring, wow what a story that could tell. (Might have to be an Antiques Roadshow job?).

    Jane I didn’t know about my Dads medal and almost burst into tears when you told me. Uncle Trevor talked at length about my Dads army career, he was very proud of him and loved him unconditionally. In all honesty it was talking to him that totally changed my view of my Dad; I was left desperately loving him after castigating him for years and unable to do anything to change that as he passed away by then. Jane if his medal turns up, yes please I would like it and thank you so much for thinking of me.

    Just so you know Jane you can always contact me here by commenting on any of the blogs because I’m notified by email. Meanwhile I will try to dig out your email address and send you my up to date address, landline and mobile numbers because it took me far too long to find you to not stay in touch. Much love Alan x 🙂

    • Thanks Alan, the ring is a bit of a mystery. It seems genuine when compared with others. It took me a while to even realise what it was, and I was genuinely stunned when I realised.

      I’d not heard of your Dad’s medal until after my dad died – his solicitor told me about it when we discussed his will. He’d never mentioned it to me, but the solicitor was keen I should know about it. I searched the bungalow high and low and couldn’t find it, but he had a lot of things in a briefcase and a box that I’ve been working through, mostly masonic stuff. I had hoped to find it for you, but sadly haven’t. It’s taken me a while to do this, as it’s a bit of an upsetting task.

      If you want to email me you can use jrobertsmorpeth AT yahoo DOT co DOT UK.

      • I can well understand how upsetting it must be Jane; I had to do something similar when I lost my foster parents. Don’t worry too much, if it’s meant to be found it will be and it will be wonderful if it is. I will email you today with my contact details Cuz x 🙂

    • Forgive me for butting in – but I might be able to help with the Ypres business. There were a few Morpeths killed in WW1 – they were Stanley Morpeth of Newcastle, George Morpeth of Blanchland, Anthony Morpeth of Dudley Colliery, John Morpeth of ?, Samuel Morpeth of Dunston. All except George were with the Northumberland Fusiliers – he was Yorkshire Regiment. All of them died later than Ypres, but they could have served earlier at Ypres and had a ring made. I couldn’t immediately fit any of them into your family as I know it, but Samuel might be promising. It is a family name (brother of Alan’s grandfather) and there could have been other family members with the same name. Anyway just an idea.

      • Thank you so much for butting in Brian, once again you’ve been a real star in throwing light on a subject long gone and I’m sure my cousin Jane will be as grateful for your input as I am 🙂

  2. Best of luck with the course Alan.

    Just a query (I’m taking a break from FB so can’t message you), are you aware of anyone in our family who may have fought at Ypres during WW1? I’ve found a trench art ring in my Dad’s possessions that appears to come from Ypres but I’m at a loss as to where it came from. I’d been looking for Charlie’s medal, that my Dad said he had, but I can’t find it or I would have passed it onto you 😦

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