I’m off to have an hour on my piano…

So today I began my course prep and after having had a look around the course website and done a few of the tasks I’m feeling a lot more positive. I think it’s always a relief joining the various forums and finding out you are not the only one who struggles with referencing or critically analysing; it’s quite nice to feel normal.

And after giving it some thought I’ve decided ‘not’ to stop blogging here on my website as I had planned to; the next nine months are going to be a lot of hard work and after dumping Facebook, Twitter and Google+ I think I’m going to need my little corner of cyber-space to reflect and interact. I feel good about that too and very relieved to have made that decision – I was dreading going off into the abyss. I just hope I can stay varied with my ramblings and not bore the pants off everyone groaning about my studies. What I do need to do though is design my study plan so that it doesn’t take over my life like the last time – no doubt about it, everyone in my circle knew when an assignment was due in.

On that note, I’m off to have an hour on my piano x


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