Just chatting

A bit of a busy weekend looming; I have today off because tomorrow I’m addressing a conference of 200 people in Lampeter University (no pressure then). Also tomorrow is the official start date for my new online course and so throughout the next week I’m going to have quite a bit of reading to do. 

On the bright side the sun is shining and Wales are continuing to do well in the rugby after beating Fiji 🙂

A bit later today I have to have the emissions checked on my car which if they are okay means it has sailed through its annual MOT. I was amazed to know that in the past 12 months I’ve driven 14000 miles and that the tyres are still good – what’s not to like about that?

Work is going well at the moment albeit busy and occasionally potentially stressful. I find I need to be well organised because it’s quite easy to miss doing something really important and so I’ve started using my online calendar that sends reminders to my phone. Over the next few weeks there will be changes afoot (as with most organisations these days) and one of the nicer ones for me is that as well as working with parents I will also be more involved with the children too. It’s partly to do with moving towards a more integrated service which hopefully will mean people are supported more than they are currently. No bad thing.


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