Happy New Year World. I hope you smile more than you cry in 2016 X 

Thought I’d do my New Year message early because come midnight I’ll be in the land of nod, I’m long past all that superficial bullshit of hugging and kissing people I don’t even know because they’re all drunk faced and over emotional.

To everyone everywhere, I hope 2016 is a really fabulous year for you and a year when a few of your dreams come true. Whether it’s the new job, new house, winning the lottery, having a great holiday or just smiling more than you cry I hope it is everything you want it to be X 

To the wider world…… I don’t care what colour you are, what religion you are, whether you’re gay, straight or in between. I’m not bothered if you’re  a man or a woman, where you live, where you’re from, how old or how young you are. I don’t even care if you’re gorgeous or ugly, disabled or not. Whoever you are and wherever you are I sincerely pray karma comes around for you in 2016. 

If you’ve been a decent person I sincerely hope you’re blessed accordingly; I also hope the same if you haven’t.


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