I’m very relieved but could in no way celebrate

A few weeks ago at work we were all told we were at risk of redundancy due to a massive cut in our funding and that we would be informed of our personal situations in due course.
Waiting for the dreaded letter has been awful over the past weeks, felt like throwing up some mornings. While waiting I’ve actually applied for two jobs. 
Today my letter finally arrived and I am safe and no longer at risk. For me I am just so relieved I couldn’t even express it in words. For my colleagues I’m so saddened because I know someone will not be relieved right now. Anymore than the 700 men who lost their jobs from Port Talbot Steelworks. 
I hate this government, I hate Europe and to me the Welsh Assembly are a bloody joke who don’t give a **** about how vulnerable people become. 
As a Buddhist – and with no malice intended – I naturally believe in karma and pray it comes along without too much delay. Meanwhile I’ll return to work with no doubt an even bigger case load and less time to support the very vulnerable families  who need that support.


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