At the end of a long and stressful three weeks I was driving home via St.Davids and when I got to Newgale I pulled over just to have five minutes reflection and to look out at the view. Two of my colleagues were still in the frame for redundancy and I felt really bad for them even though I was ‘no longer affected by the current situation’.

Looking out to sea reminded me fondly of my ten years in the Royal Navy and how blessed I still am that I live on the coast. I’ve always found the sea very calming in my life, the waves and the sounds were always very comforting as I slipped off to sleep in my bunk as I trawled the seven seas. Reading that back it sounds a little romanticised but I’m delighted to reaffirm that that is actually how it was šŸ™‚

It may still take me some time to get over the shock of being in a situation of at risk of redundancy because it isn’t something I’ve ever experienced before thankfully. Perhaps for now though I’m thankful to have avoided the axe and, as always will embrace the life I’ve been blessed with; not do that is almost insulting to those who are unable to.



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