Great Dads ROCK!

And so January was really, really stressful for me because the organisation I work for lost 40% of its funding and therefore 40% of the staff. It is a relief that I wasn’t one of the staff to lose my job although clearly my role is to change.

Previously I was working countywide across Pembrokeshire supporting parents of teenagers to understand something about their young people’s development, to support them manage some of their challenging behaviours and build strong relationships. Due to the funding loss this role has now unfortunately gone and thats very worrying. Recently in Wales another 800 jobs were lost in the steel industry and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that those families will be under extreme pressure very soon.

Meanwhile I am to re-train to work with families of younger children and to that end have two courses to do in the next few weeks; first I’m off to Bangor for three days to do the Incredible Years course and then later I’ll be in Barry for the Handling Children’s Behaviour course. To be honest I always find change exciting and so retraining doesn’t faze me at all but I do worry for the families who have teenagers in the home. Hopefully Dad will step up to the mark on the domestic front till another job comes along.



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