Retraining at Bangor University

Over the past three days I’ve been at Bangor University for the Incredible Years Babies course, which was very enjoyable; recently the organisation I work for lost the funding to work with parents of teenagers and so that is why I was on the course, to retrain.

North Wales is truly a beautiful place and Bangor is on the edge of Snowdonia National Park which with its snow capped mountains look gorgeous. Bangor is also by the Menai Bridge which goes over to the Isle of Angelsey and it was there (at the Angelsey Arms) that I was accommodated. On my way back from Bangor I went through Trawsfynnydd which is a place I went to as a 12 year old boy on a one week holiday with school. I remember often going to the local post office for sweets and so took a selfie of me outside that very post office today. You can read about that trip in my Memoirs (here on my website). Definitely a blast from the past.

I’m quite tired now after the two long drives and also the new learning slowly sinking in but happy to be home and looking forward to my new role. Took a few photos to record my trip.



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