Reconnecting with my Rock

Halloah and sorry I’ve been absent for a little while. For the past few months I’ve been busy at work and then recently, as you know, I visited (my beloved) Gibraltar. I’m actually quite exhausted as I write because I only flew back to UK last night and then had a 230 mile drive home; shattered is an understatement and so this update will only be a short one.

Anyways although I’m tired I’m also really happy to have spent time in Gibraltar; so much so that I literally walked and climbed miles. Somehow I got myself up to the top of all three summits, in and out of tunnels, up nearly every back street and then around the north, south, east and west of the beautiful coastal Rock. No exaggeration I took 100s of photos and met and chatted with dozens of people.

Regular readers will know Gibraltar is very special to me and that my trip was far more than just a holiday; it was more a desperate need to revisit the place I left 40 years ago which always remained in my heart. During the seven days I was on the Rock I literally walked everywhere, soaking up how the new blended beautifully with the old, knowing exactly where my special places were and feeling totally safe wherever I went.

Im almost falling asleep now and so I’ll conclude this short post by saying I’ll be opening a new page soon here on my website to write my #memoirs of #Gibraltar. If my life is a jigsaw it would never have been finished without this piece. I hope you enjoy reading them X Alan X

(Photo taken opposite John Mackintosh Hall, Main Street, Gibraltar. May 2016).


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