Come on lads don’t be lazy, CHECK your car insurance renewal

As a typical bloke I’m hopeless at shopping around for car insurance and very often just accept the annual renewal without even checking it. This year though I just thought they were literally taking the Mickey and decided to do something about it. 

LV Insurance (which I think stands for London Victoria or Liverpool Victoria, I’m not sure) sent me their renewal quote for £346.16 – it’s probably worth me saying at this point that my car was first registered in 1994 and is therefore 22 years old. Disgusted I went online and found DOZENS of companies quoting far far less and in the end chose Privilege who were charging me £154.40 for the exact same insurance I already had. Money saved = £191.76. That’s my flight to Gibraltar next year sorted!

So come on lads don’t be lazy, don’t be apathetic, check out your renewals and tell the Rip-off merchants where to go.


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