Meeting readers of my blog


Probably one of the most amazing things about writing online (and very much a privilege) is sometimes meeting your readers – especially for the first time when you’ve had a correspondence (of a sort) for (sometimes) a few years. 


In the photo collage above are four people who I met as a direct result of writing my biography. At top left is Brian, who it transpired new my eldest sister Kerry and at top right is John who was in the Royal Navy at the same time as me. Both of these handsome young men hail from my hometown of Newcastle.

At bottom left is my blood cousin Jane who found me through a photo I had uploaded of our grandmother Hannah and at bottom right her brother (and my other blood cousin) David who I naturally came into contact with after connecting with Jane. I also found my youngest sister Brenda through my website after over forty years!


To anyone and everyone who takes the trouble to read any of my ramblings – Thank you! And I hope one day we get the chance of a natter over a cup of tea X Alan X

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