At the Young People’s Trust where I work we’re planning an inter-generational talent show and since one of my granddaughters is a member I asked her if she’d like to do a duet with me and she very much agreed. As she is 16 and I’m 61 we thought it would be quite funky to call ourselves 16-61 and since the show isn’t till January we have a good couple of months to rehearse and get ready.

*Yesterday I said to her that maybe she needs to make a decision on what song we were doing; as I’m an old rocker I thought she might want to choose something a bit more contemporary and (anyway) it would be good for what’s left of my white cells to learn a new tune.


“Grandad I want to do a Disney medley that includes Sebastian’s (Under-the-sea) song, Baloo the Bear’s (Bear Necessities) song, King Louie’s (King of the Swingers) song and Pumba’s Hakuna Matata” she said. 


As though my life had passed before me I realised that my personal movie collection consists of virtually every full length animated movie ever created and that every time she comes to stay with me I slap one on. For a brief moment I considered whether I had stunted the child’s musical development but then quickly threw the thought out. Absolutely not thought I, this child speaks my kind of language. ‘You have raised said granddaughter well’ said I to myself smiling broadly “King of the Swingers it is then!”. 



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