Into a precarious 2017 it is then…

Yesterday was my first day back at work and after scraping the ice off my car I set off in minus 4.5 degrees on my 60 miles round trip. At some point during the day my remaining two colleagues (there used to be eight of us) shared that we will soon be called into head office (either next week or the week after) and that the prognosis for the organisations survival wasn’t good. Fortunately I do have another job where I work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but the future of that organisation is also unknown at this point until we find out whether our bid for continued funding has been successful and we won’t know that until March. 


Against that winters backdrop of uncertain times I’m breezing (tentatively) into the new year cautiously optimistic, after all I’ve never been out of full-time permanent employment since I began work in September 1971; I’ve just begun my 46th year. But today is not 1971, it’s 2016 and long gone are the days when a job was for life or the length of someone’s service triggered a certain loyalty from their employer. Almost on a daily basis I’m checking out job opportunities though more and more get the feeling I need to start thinking outside the box. One of the jobs I do is to support young people (16-25) into employment by helping them develop employability skills; it seems almost surreal (obscene even) that I may be in competition with them myself before long for whatever meeky-morky morsel of a job is available though I sincerely hope I’m not. Either way, into a precarious 2017 it is then…


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