I’m a dreadful patient

I’m sure I’m not the only one to start the new year off feeling unwell and so my thoughts are with everyone in that group right now. It’s very rare that I go down with bugs, colds and flu and so when I do I’m an absolutely dreadful patient to be avoided at all costs. I think that’s partly because by nature I’m very proactive and hate the idea of being limited against my will.


Readers will know I’m up to the neck editing some of my memoirs and had taken both my websites offline in order to focus for a couple of weeks to get that job done. Frustratingly I’ve put this site back on line just to explain that I’m at a standstill because of health reasons although I hope it’s not for too long – I can’t even stand my own company.


This morning, although I feel lousy, I’ll go into work for the morning because there’s things I need to do but then I’ll take the afternoon off and go to bed. I’m at the point I might even have to do what I never do and take some medicine too. But meanwhile to all Ye folks out there that are (anywhere as near) bugged out as I am you have my deepest sympathy. To everyone else, have a fabulous day X 



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