“Grandad I don’t want today to end”

Today I took my little granddaughter out shopping for the day to spend her birthday money and to do lunch but what was probably far more important was for us both to just spend time together; I still work full time and don’t get a lot of spare time so today was particularly nice. 


Through the day we shopped till we dropped and ate with abandon before making our way home pausing only for a flock of sheep. It was when we had stopped the car for the sheep to pass she said “Grandad I don’t want today to end”. 

“It won’t end sweetheart” I said “It’ll be in your memory for ever and ever so you can bring it out anytime you like (even in your dreams)”.



(Above) In the car wash with Mowgli

(Above A star purchase. Alfie her new bear)

(Above. Lunchtime playing with little purchases)

(Above in Tesco Toys)

(Above in Clare’s Accessories)

Just us.

“Grandad I don’t want today to end”


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