A few of my songs….

Hi everyone. 

I had a couple of messages asking if I would put a few of my music tracks back on the site again so they could be downloaded. I’m happy to oblige so have put a music player on the blog pages (to the right of this post or at the bottom of this page) with about seven tracks; readers are welcome to just listen to the music if they choose to or download tracks  free by clicking (right) on the track and saving it to your computer. 

All tracks are my own and all are MP3. I do have many more but they are not yet MP3 – I have to convert them from other formats e.g. WMA. Hope you enjoy these few. I’ll be taking the music player back off the site after a week. Alan 🙂 

PS Sorry the tracks aren’t properly named yet so just for now:

Track 1 – Always the Clown (Autobiographical)

Track 2 – Elegance the Lady 

Track 3 – Through the eyes of a child (For children everywhere)

Track 4 – Rhapsody in Red (40 years)

Track 5 – Xanders Theme (Instrumental piano for my grandson)

Track 6 – Endless Days (From my Journeys End exhibition – see page) Live Rock/Blues

Track 7 – Goa my heart, Goa my soul (Memories of Indoa 2007-9)

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