With a heavy heart…

So the way things are we will definitely be moving to Geordieland on 10 November as our house is sold following the survey and the legal beagles have agreed to work to that date as the new owners have all of their finance in place. Three vans will come down from the north to collect our stuff that we are currently packing although where they will take it to is not yet clear.

We had our offer on the bungalow accepted and then sent in our surveyor who’s report we are still waiting for. His report could say one of three things: yes all is well and so proceed, no all is not well and so don’t proceed or because of x, y or z we need to renegotiate the price. The worst case scenario is the last one of course and if that be the case we have decided we will rent somewhere while we look for another des res but with a bit of luck it will be the best case scenario. Whatever the case we will know over the next couple of days.

Since things are imminent I have alerted my manager and so I am obliged to give one months notice to leave the wonderful job I’ve enjoyed for the past two years on 9 October and it’s with a heavy heart I’ve begun doing that.


6 thoughts on “With a heavy heart…

  1. Hi Allan was just sent your story by a friend who lives near Coventry but was from small mining village in Gateshead like myself.
    I now live on Vancouver Island but have many good happy thoughts of the North of England.
    I could not put my iPad down until I had finished your story, what a journey you have had and hope going back north will be the icing on the cake for you and will have many years of happy times
    Hope all goes well on the move Margaret

    • Margaret thank you so much for your lovely comment it was a pleasure to read and I’m glad you like my story. Indeed it has been a long old road and the idea I am returning to my homeland is beyond my wildest dreams; I do finally feel able and wanting to ‘go home’ now.

      Over the years I have periodically made brief trips back to Geordieland often to bury the demons that haunted me for so long but on my recent trips I’ve felt such a belonging and a need to be back in my community.

      In my days as a child the River Tyne was the lifeblood of the people with the shipyards, the steelworks, the coal mines and all of the related industries supporting them. And while those memories are very much still with me and cherished I absolutely embrace the beautiful cities Newcastle/Gateshead have become with the arrival of the Millenium Bridge and the Sage Gallery and the wonderful eateries along the quayside. Whenever I drive past the Angel of the North I feel an immense sense of pride.

      Now in my Autumn years I so look forward to walking the Tyne, visiting the Laing Art Gallery and getting to know my homeland again. For some years now I haven’t had the time to write much of my biography mainly because of personal commitments but I will absolutely be taking it back up on my return; I did manage to complete my Chapter about my time in Gibraltar (there is a page with the link here on my website) but finishing my journal gnaws away at me almost daily and so remains top of my bucket list. I hope if you continue to read my ramblings that you also continue to enjoy them Margaret.

      Please thank your friend for me for signposting you to my website, and I hope life in Vancouver is everything you want it to be. On my travels I always ended up going to the Far East and so have never been to Canada or other countries in the area.

      Once again Margaret thank you so much for your comment, I’m so glad my writing gave you so much pleasure.
      Warm regards Alan X

      • Allan
        Thank You for the above reply to my friend Margret
        Allan Wilson , Ex Kibblesworth , CH – Le – Str

        • You’re very welcome Allan. Interesting I see you are from Chester le street! I’ve recently started work there in my day job. Warm regards Alan

  2. Awwww this makes me happy, sad and apprehensive all at the same time. All I can hope is all is well with bungalow and you find a job equally satisfying in all respects. I love you dad xx

    • Aw thank you Tracey that’s a lovely thing to say and I love you very much too. Xxx

      These are challenging times and I’d be very surprised if there were no hiccups along the way with so much happening. But having said that it will happen and so right now we can take comfort from that. Christmas will be a joy to have you and the family around us after spending so long in the wilderness.

      No real news to share on any of the agenda at the moment but when I have you’ll be the first to know. Lots of love Dad xx

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