Spailpinfanac, a definition.

So sadly the bungalow we planned to buy didn’t stand up to a structural survey and so that is now off the cards. However since our house is sold we are still planning to move mid November and rent a house in the North East while we look for one to buy. That said we are still upbeat and happy really that we didn’t invest and lose a lot of our capital.

At sometime during this week I will give notice to resign my job; interviews were held today and it looks like my replacement will arrive 5 November so it’s all beginning to become quite real now. I have mixed feelings in that I will miss my wonderful colleagues but my excitement at moving back to my homeland is all encompassing. I have applied for several jobs and will not apply for any more now until I hear back from those. 

Over the years we have lived in four different countries and so we are quite nomadic and I’ve been very fortunate to have personally visited dozens of countries across the world. During a visit to Eire a few years ago I found myself sat in a pub in Cork during the Folk Festival. The pub was called An Spailpin Fanac and the name totally fascinated me. More so when I asked for a translation and was told The Wandering Labourer.


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