It’s going to be a long four days…

So yesterday I had my Skype interview for Youth Worker in the North East and it was quite an up and downer. Due to technical reasons it was almost an hour late which left me pacing the carpet but at the end they said I had done a good interview and they liked my presentation. When colleagues asked how it had gone I said I thought I had done ok and was quite upbeat and that they would inform the successful candidate later the same day.

As the day wore on and I had not heard anything by 6pm, 7pm then 8pm I began going back through the interview in my head thinking the worst and castigating myself for not saying this or that. When I got to bed I couldn’t sleep and had totally convinced myself I’d shot it.

This morning after having resigned myself to not getting the job I received an email saying that ‘due to unforeseen circumstances the panel were unable to make a decision until Monday’ and so it appears I’m still in with a chance. Surely if it was a ‘no’ they would just have sent me the ‘sorry but unfortunately you have not been successful’ letter? I have a feeling it’s going to be a long four days in front.


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