Come on lads don’t be lazy, CHECK your car insurance renewal

As a typical bloke I’m hopeless at shopping around for car insurance and very often just accept the annual renewal without even checking it. This year though I just thought they were literally taking the Mickey and decided to do something about it. 

LV Insurance (which I think stands for London Victoria or Liverpool Victoria, I’m not sure) sent me their renewal quote for £346.16 – it’s probably worth me saying at this point that my car was first registered in 1994 and is therefore 22 years old. Disgusted I went online and found DOZENS of companies quoting far far less and in the end chose Privilege who were charging me £154.40 for the exact same insurance I already had. Money saved = £191.76. That’s my flight to Gibraltar next year sorted!

So come on lads don’t be lazy, don’t be apathetic, check out your renewals and tell the Rip-off merchants where to go.

Scolton Manor Classic Car Rally

Today I had a great day out with my brother in law to the car rally made complete by a poodle loving life on a roller frame because it had a spinal problem. Finished off at a view point called Pwll Deri where a child had set up a stall for Cancer Research Wales. Couldn’t make that up – it was miles from anywhere. But I bought a little gecko. 

Brilliant day. Loved the Triumphs, especially the Spitfires (naturally).

Today I lost a stone in weight…

My trusty old banger who I affectionately call the Bullet is my pride and joy. Along the way it’s been kicked and had windows put out, and at one point my ignition key snapped in half. When that happened I had someone repair it for me but because it had a computer chip in it The repair man couldn’t put another hole in it for me to put it on a key ring. As a result I’m forever losing it.


This morning, as I was climbing into my car with work bag, two phones, house keys and all the other paraphernalia I realized my key wasn’t in my pocket…or the house…or anywhere else I looked for the following three hours. I’d hung washing out so checked my overgrown lawns, I’d packed a few things so reopened the boxes, I checked every room, both sheds, even all of the half filled packing cases and there’s dozens of them.

As my emotions flipped between terror and panic I finally decided to go make a coffee and do a bit of work and so put the kettle on and nipped to the car for my work bag. On the way I rather hoped for a bit of divine intervention but wasn’t hopeful after the foul language I’d come out with (and I hate foul language). But as I walked out of the gate my eyes for some reason went straight into the undergrowth even though there was nothing particularly gleaming. There in the grass…..

Thank you my Lord, thank you.

M’Lady is on the road again

Two days after turning her car over M’Lady is back on the road with her new car which is the same model as the one she rolled. Just like getting back on the horse – I drove her 70 miles to collect it and she had to drive 70 miles home in it! Result. (And thank you for the kind messages, a few scratches and bumps later the girl is up and running (and driving).



Thankfully my lady is fine but as you can see her car isn’t. This happened this morning at about 6.30 in the dark and Carol was lucky to get out of it. After fumbling around she found the button for the electro windows and then had to crawl out through a bramble bush; she just got a call through to me before her mobile died. Where the accident happened was miles away from a house or building where she could get help; and really disgusting were the five men who drove past without stopping. When I arrived a girl had stopped and was keeping Carol company!!!

Good time for us all to think about the weather right now and what we are carrying in the car:
Mobile phone (charged and topped up), torch, spare clothes, drinks and chocolate.

Well done the insurance people (Marks and Spencer’s) who had paid her out by 9am and arranged a courtesy car for her from 2pm. #shoutout #marksandspencer Thank you.

On the road again…

Almost beyond belief that my 15 year old little Suzuki Alto had a computer chip in the key. Last night the key snapped in half and I ended up stranded and had to walk two miles in the dark.

Today I went to buy a new key and they said they would need to repair mine because it had a computer chip in it so they stuck two keys together! £28 later I’m on the road again – small price to pay for not being stranded in the backside of nowhere on a cold wet dark night. It’s good to be home.

Mowgli doesn’t like tractors…or aeroplanes…

Whenever Mowgli is in the car and we overtake a tractor he pounds at the window; today when he did that it exploded into the car. It isn’t the first time he’s done it, or the second. It’s the third. I think it goes back to when a tractor pulled a trolley which had him in a cage at the airport in India when we flew him to UK. Oddly, he barks and jumps up at airplanes too.

After checking all the scrapyards (to no avail) I’ve finally ordered a replacement from a company in Stockton on Tees but it won’t be here till Tuesday. So as I wonder how I’m going to get to work on Monday and grunt under my breathe about a £60 bill I’ll take my leave and go sweep the glass out of the car. Mowgli? Oh he’s snoozing on the couch and dreaming – probably about chasing tractors and aeroplanes.