One more sleep

I guess all of my friends in the Far East will celebrate Christmas many hours before me, and all those in the Far West will celebrate after me. Somewhere in the middle I guess we will all meet up but in case I miss anyone I thought I’d say Happy Christmas to you all now.

For those of us not in war zones or places of natural disaster I can only say we are very fortunate and to those who are in those dreadful situations may God bless you and keep you safe. X x x


Secret Santa

For those who haven’t come across the Secret Santa game it’s something workmates do in the festive season. Everyone agrees a price, draws a name out of the hat and buys that person a small present. Our budget was £5 and I duly went off and bought my workmates a present. When I opened my present I was delighted to find this home made cake – what a wonderful thoughtful present for a sweet toothed dude like me who loves his food. I hope the person I bought a present for is as happy a bunny as me. Cool Yule x


The power of a Christmas card

Twenty five years ago someone sent me this Christmas card and I liked it so much that I sent it back the following year; it’s been going back and forth ever since. I suppose the interesting thing about it is that at the time (1988) we didn’t like each other. I was quite a laid back arty type and she was very straight John bull sticking to the rules – we both worked in a day centre for people with learning disabilities and had nothing in common other than working in very close proximity.

These days we both treasure the little card and it has become a fundamental card of both of our Christmasses. We’ve also become very good friends…all because of a piece of cardboard.


How to cook a turkey

So with Christmas around the corner I imagine people are beginning to plan their day, particularly the ladies of our world who very often get saddled with the very rare job of having to cook a great big bird and look as though they’re an expert at the task; notwithstanding the gentlemen who often do the decent thing and wash up afterwards.

Anyway, since I believe Christmas should be fun as well as spiritual, I came across this recipe and thought it might begin the fun part of the process – I’m sure I’ll get a little more spiritual as we get nearer to the big day.

Happy planning for your big day x