Just as you think mankind couldn’t sink any lower the unthinkable happens. Abducting over 270 school children and threatening to sell them into slavery is the most repulsive thing that’s happened in life time. My thoughts and prayers are with the children and their families who can only be going through a living hell in Nigeria x x x

Boy from Stonehaugh

One of my readers (Parker) who lives in the first house I ever lived in – in the tiny village of Stonehaugh – tells me that the 60th anniversary of the village is to be held on Saturday 31 May 2014. Will I be there? Of course; and with many members of my family from three generations. And hopefully I’ll meet some of the many Stonehaugh-ers who have called in here at my website. It would be great to put faces to virtual friends.



Thankfully my lady is fine but as you can see her car isn’t. This happened this morning at about 6.30 in the dark and Carol was lucky to get out of it. After fumbling around she found the button for the electro windows and then had to crawl out through a bramble bush; she just got a call through to me before her mobile died. Where the accident happened was miles away from a house or building where she could get help; and really disgusting were the five men who drove past without stopping. When I arrived a girl had stopped and was keeping Carol company!!!

Good time for us all to think about the weather right now and what we are carrying in the car:
Mobile phone (charged and topped up), torch, spare clothes, drinks and chocolate.

Well done the insurance people (Marks and Spencer’s) who had paid her out by 9am and arranged a courtesy car for her from 2pm. #shoutout #marksandspencer Thank you.

A wandering star…

I’ve just uploaded another ten (JL) cartoon strips -110 so far – for those folks who have been following the antics of my little tramp; you can find them on his page. Tomorrow I’m uploading the final ten in this series so if you want to see his finale watch out for those if you’re a fan.

If you haven’t met JL and his friends yet and would like to – just click the link or go to his page here on my website.

Happy Chinese New Year

According to the Chinese I was born in the year of the goat but this is the year of the horse. To all chinese friends and followers here’s wishing you a brilliant year ahead of peace, wealth and happiness. To all non Chinese followers go have a look to see if you’re a horse and if not…what are you? HaPpY ChInEsE nEw YeAr! X