Belated birthday presents from colleagues

After being off sick for a couple of weeks I had a lovely surprise birthday parcel from colleagues when I returned to work which turned out to be a scented garden candle and a thermal mug for when I have coffee in the garden. I hadn’t realized how well they knew me – unless they’ve been having a sneaky look at my website here and realized I love sitting in the garden. They’re such a great bunch they’re welcome here anytime x Thanks guys x

Retro is so cool

Sometimes I don’t always want non stop access to Twitter, Utube, Facebook, EBay, WordPress, Emails and Tom Cobleigh and his dog; I’m happy enough just being in touch with those closest to me.

I bought this little diamond when I moved to India in 2007 because I loved the way the sides flashed blue when I got a text and how easily my hand wrapped around it. For the past year or so I had loaned it to my close friend Francis who, to my delight, returned it to me this weekend and I quickly moved back in. I’m told these phones are no longer available to buy very easily and with less being more these days they have begun achieving cult status.

Like most people I do have an all-singing all-dancing phone on a contract and said contract is due for renewal soon; whether I renew it or not though is another question. But if phone companies are reading this they’ll do well to consider how cool past designs were before they all went mad sticking every conceivable app into a handset. If more people begin realising how much more relaxing life is when they are not constantly battered throughout the day by trivia that they feel the need to check out on the spot it may well be the beginning of the end for the all-singing all-dancing gadgets of the day.

I play guitar but sound like a mandolin

Yep…I’m avoiding my revision. Yes, yes I know I shouldn’t but hey when I came across this nifty gadget I thought I needed to share it with any guitar playing buffs out there. I’ve known about these flexible capos for years but never got in and then I lost my standard capo and needed to replace it so I bought this. I think I’m in love with a capo!

Ok now I’ve had my say (about my new flexible capo) I’m off to revise… between twangs 🙂 PS sorry to the non guitar playing buffs if I’ve bored the pants off you but I hope at least I shared with you my pleasure (at my new flex…….mmm…..have a great day). X

Less is more

You get to a point in life when you wonder if you really do need the world in your pocket with access to your emails, your twitter, your website, and a mobile that does the fandango. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t and that all of those things could wait till I got home. Although I still do have a fancy phone it’s great to, just once in a while, leave it at home and give the ‘down size’ a run out 🙂