The original #workingclasshero Love to John Lennon

I was a massive fan of Lennon the rebel when he was alive and my admiration has never waned since his death 33 years ago today. For me his murder was profoundly shocking as it was for millions of people around the world; it was never something I ever got over.

Occasionally on a Sunday I put on my old vinyl LP’s (as we called them) and just dwell in the moment. From Imagine to Double Fantasy it’s taken me years to collect all of his solo albums and my collection is by far my most treasured possession. For those who may be too young to know about John Lennon he was the original Working Class Hero; in Britain he was adored for his music, his wit, his writings and his drawings and in the world at large (despite his rebel status) he was a man of peace. His song Give Peace a Chance effectively stopped the Vietnam War.

Today I send my love to John and say thank you for being there for me during my wayward teenage years, my twenties, my thirties, my forties and my fifties, and if the Lord graces me with another decade of life you will as always be a major part of it x


Konnichiwa Japan

Quite often on my website I am in touch with lots of my readers, some from America, some from Europe, some from the Middle East and some from as far away as Australia and its a real pleasure for me because I love hearing about other cultures and have been fortunate in my life to have travelled extensively. Forgive me if I have missed your country out, I’m really only generalising – but DO send a message and tell me off 🙂 But also tell me something about where you live and what you do please.

Although I never know who is reading my website (unless you message me to tell me) I do know which country a reader is from – that’s all the information I am given. Recently I’ve noticed an increase in readers from Japan and so I just thought I would say ‘Konnichiwa’ and welcome to them as I know good manners in that country are very important. And if YOU are one of those readers don’t forget to say hello and introduce yourself here – you can do that by leaving a comment to this post or by email to me at

Meanwhile to the other 14000 folks from everywhere else in the world who have supported my website so loyally over the years….I love you all millions and thanks for all of your comments, your likes, your follows and for just being there for me through my ups and downs. You are my very private world and although we may not have met each other I have lost count of the times you have given me the backbone to achieve when I could so easily have failed. X x Alan