I’m off to have an hour on my piano…

So today I began my course prep and after having had a look around the course website and done a few of the tasks I’m feeling a lot more positive. I think it’s always a relief joining the various forums and finding out you are not the only one who struggles with referencing or critically analysing; it’s quite nice to feel normal.

And after giving it some thought I’ve decided ‘not’ to stop blogging here on my website as I had planned to; the next nine months are going to be a lot of hard work and after dumping Facebook, Twitter and Google+ I think I’m going to need my little corner of cyber-space to reflect and interact. I feel good about that too and very relieved to have made that decision – I was dreading going off into the abyss. I just hope I can stay varied with my ramblings and not bore the pants off everyone groaning about my studies. What I do need to do though is design my study plan so that it doesn’t take over my life like the last time – no doubt about it, everyone in my circle knew when an assignment was due in.

On that note, I’m off to have an hour on my piano x

Back to the grind

Finally the website has now opened for my new module and so pretty soon it’s going to be nose back to the grindstone through the winter months. Needless to say I may not be blogging much because it’s quite a heavy course and I’m someone who needs to really focus. I do have a few weeks Grace because it doesn’t officially start till 3 October although over the past few weeks I’ve been psyching up mentally. If I’m not around as often please bear with me; I will say Hi when I get brain free times 🙂 Tara for now x 


Even the big kids go back to school soon

 So the study materials arrived today for my new course which is the Certificate in Working Together for Children; the course starts proper on 3 October which gives me about five weeks to read the books before I have to think about writing essays. 

The course is made up of five academic essays and a three hour exam in June 2016 and so it will be nose to the grind throughout winter. This course is very similar to the last Open University one I did (Certificate in Health and Social Care) and at Level 3 definitely not for the faint hearted; on the bright side at least I have an idea of what’s coming and so there is no way I’ll be taking my eye off the ball. It will be focus all the way. Apart from when I do my blogging here on my website. 

Round 2 with the OU

So with Christmas past and the New Year imminent I’m psyching up for my second OU module. Last year was a tough one so I don’t expect this one to be any easier but then no pain no gain. It’s always mind boggling when I open any parcel from the OU, my first thought is to run a mile, but after the first month or so I’m the sort of person who tends to settle down and accept his fate. In the scale of things I’m still a long way off my BA (Honours) but then if I have any redeeming feature it’s that I can hack the long haul.

So as the New Year begins please accept my apologies in advance for being a right old grumpy git; it isn’t personal x


Round Two: AA100 The Arts Past and Present

No sooner do I finish my first module (Certificate in Health and Social Care K101) than I start my second one even though I don’t get the results to my first until 1st November.

Still it’s onwards and upwards and this Arts module is something I’m really looking forward to which is just as well because it doesn’t finish until June 2014. The course is wide ranging looking at seven areas of the arts including painting and poetry which is so up my street. Hopefully studying it might light up my own creativity again? I hope so.

Lincoln Assembly Rooms


This imposing building is where about 40 of us congregated for our Open University exams. The waiting room was deathly quiet as we all twitched and glared into nowhere. The whole business was so formal that I almost vomitted before I even went in the exam room. Somehow though Ive survived and three questions and three hours later I’m on my way home without a thought in my head. That works for me. Results? 1st November. Watch this space. Fingers crossed.

I play guitar but sound like a mandolin

Yep…I’m avoiding my revision. Yes, yes I know I shouldn’t but hey when I came across this nifty gadget I thought I needed to share it with any guitar playing buffs out there. I’ve known about these flexible capos for years but never got in and then I lost my standard capo and needed to replace it so I bought this. I think I’m in love with a capo!

Ok now I’ve had my say (about my new flexible capo) I’m off to revise…..in between twangs 🙂 PS sorry to the non guitar playing buffs if I’ve bored the pants off you but I hope at least I shared with you my pleasure (at my new flex…….mmm…..have a great day). X