Tracey, Sam and Benita at my last art exhibition (Journeys End) 1995

When I look back at myself as a young Father I think my own childhood wasn’t far enough away for me to be able to express to my children how much I loved them and how very proud I am of them all. I had so much to prove to myself, to feel valued.

As an artist my work had to be of the highest standard, as a chess player I had to be master class. And although I achieved many goals and accolades along the way nothing compares to the love and pride I feel for my children. These days I very rarely paint or draw and have only played chess once in the past 25 years as a favour for a very special little friend in India.

Later in life I took up music and feel cool about that; it was never something that got in the way of me being a Father.




1980 Ollerton

1980s Whitby

1987 Ollerton

1989 Turkey

1990 Tracey’s 18th

1977 Tracey Gibraltar

1977 Tracey Gibraltar

2007 Tracey Newark


2 thoughts on “03. 1972 MY DAUGHTERS

  1. Hi Alan , I remember as a kid coming round to see you and carol and the kids, fond memories I remember you always playing the acoustic, and playing with Tracey, Sam and Benita, so long ago but only feels like a few years , hope you are all doing well, still in Australia married with kids living in a place called Binningup, ok hope to maybe hear from you.

    • Hi Saul. Of course I remember you well, and Anya and your Mum and Dad Zoe and Mehmet. It’s fantastic to hear from you after so long and you’re right it does just seem like yesterday. Married with children? Wow how time flies. I guess you were about Tracey’s age when we knew you all.

      How is everyone? I’d love an update. Mehmet always used to call me on Christmas Day but then we lost touch because we all moved around. Haven’t heard from your Mum for a long time either; hope you’re all well. Do let me know Saul.

      Right now we live in Newark Nottinghamshire, Sam lives nearby, Tracey lives in Newcastle and Benita lives in Wales.

      My email address is: spailpinfanac@gmail.com or as you have probably realised you can get me here on my website every day. It’s brilliant to hear from you Saul and hope you stay in touch. Alan.

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