DIXYS DINER- Culinary creations from a non-cook

#1. Pesto Chicken, Roasted Vegetables and Pembrokeshire new potatoes

#2. Tradional Hen Roast with seasonal vegetables and bistro/oxo gravy 

#3. ‘Shades of childhood’. Left over chicken from Sunday with hot Pembrokeshire new potatoes and crispy cold salad.

#4. ‘Shades of Gibraltar’. Baked swordfish.

It was 13 May 1976 when Carol flew out to join me in Gibraltar and I took her for dinner at St.Michaels Cabin, half way up the Rock, overlooking Gib and Spain. In that lovely romantic setting we had baked swordfish for the very first time. A magical meal in an enchanting cabin.

#5. Spag Bol with mixed pasta and garlic bread

#6. Shepherds Pie with turkey mince, Pembrokeshire new potatoes and allotment vegetables.

#7. Rapeseed cheese and onion omelette with Wiltshire ham, roast vegetables and Pembrokeshire new potatoes & garden mint.

#8. Dry fried smoked haddock fish cakes.

#9. Chicken Spagbol, wholmeal pasta and garlic bread.