DIXYS Diner -Culinary creations from a non-cook continues…

#2. Traditional Hen Roast, seasonal vegetables and bistro/oxo gravy.

Future photos of my Culinary Creations (if I can call them that) will now only appear daily on my Dixys Diner page so you’re welcome to pop in each evening to see what I’m murdering if you like looking at basic nosh. Thanks for dribbling X 

New page added today! Dixys Diner, culinary creations from a non-cook

Recently my wife broke her leg, quite badly, and has had her whole leg plastered for the next three months. As a result I naturally have stepped up to the plate as Chief Auxilliary which is a posh name for doing the necessaries. One of those necessaries is to cook the meals which sounds easy enough to most people but for a non-chef like me that’s a pretty daunting task. So for the next three months I’ve decided to record my efforts photographically and have opened a new page specially. My first meal, Pesto Chicken, is posted today. If you want to check in daily to see the culinary creations of a non-chef you’re very welcome. Just click on the page X Alan