Old friends

A very old friend (Varun) from India has called in to stay a few days before flying on to France on Tuesday and we’ve had a lovely meal, a good catch up and of course a few after dinner songs.

Probably like most people I have very few close friends outside of my tribe and so it’s always wonderful for me to spend time with them when I can. I last saw Varun in April 2012 when I was in India and so we had a fair bit of news to swop.

I think true friends are those who you may not see for years but when you do you carry on a conversation as though you started it yesterday. Does that make sense? I don’t know, but it’s a wonderful surprise for me to have Varun to stay.

Good times with and old friend and live music

I recently had dinner with my old band mate Fitzy – there’s some photos of our gigs on my ‘Musician’ page – and after dinner we got a couple of acoustic guitars out. We did a few songs and I just thought you might like a listen to oa couple of them. The sound is a little tinny because someone recorded the clips on a mobile phone but for me it all goes towards that rich and organic tapestry of life 🙂

The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel)


Wonderful tonight (Eric Clapton)