Sometimes even a writer is lost for words

For about a year before I retired I’d been mooting the idea of treating myself to an old classic convertible. I had one years ago (An Emerald Green Triumph Spitfire which I loved but traded in for a caravette when our then dog Bodie became poorly which I used to take him on a last holiday to the Lake District).

Today my fab son in law Dan took me into an old barn on some excuse and said ‘Happy (early) 60th birthday’ pointing at something. It appears he and my lovely daughter Benita had bought me this Rover convertible in British Racing Green and he had spent months stripping it down and restoring it.

With the engine running and John Lennon coming through the sound system I was left speechless. I’m totally humbled but very very proud to have such a loving, thoughtful and generous family; although Dan still needs to finish off the car (put the seats back in) he had no option but to show me the car today as he has to move it out of the barn as the farmer needs the storage space. After the past few weeks I’ve had the surprise was a wonderful tonic; thank you so much Dan And Beats. X x love daddy x x



Grandad Days

I’m starting the New Year in the most positive and loveliest way I can think of spending time with my grandchildren. Regular readers will know I’m an extremely proud Grandaddy of eleven grandchildren and have a photo page here on my website devoted to them. They all have their beautiful given names from their parents but they also have another name which I gave them.

Here in this photo I’m at home with seven of my little people and they are Bubbles (Katie), Bluebell (Ayla), Snowdrop (Rhiannon), Tinkerbell (Ellie), Princess (Leah), Hamlet (Ethan) and Rafferty (Sebastian).

Happy New Year everyone from us all. I hope you are showered with blessings of peace, love and happiness through 2013 x Love Alan x