Even turtles need love

even turtles need loveI think I’ve done all I wanted to with this now so I’ll just wait for it to dry and then give it a spray of varnish. I hope my friend likes it. Since the sun has now come out I feel a spell in the garden coming on. Hope you all have as nice a day as I’m anticipating, and don’t forget…even turtles need love x


This way, that way….

This little sketch is dedicated to all those who sometimes feel that Tom, Dick, Harry and his dog all want a slice of them. You know what I’m talking about; those with employers who think you they have hired an intellectual octopus? I could give a million more examples but far better to let you interpret it your own way.

I’m fortunate really that the sketch is from my 1994 exhibition ‘Private Journey’ and though it was relevant to me at the time it isn’t today; I just thought it might at least bring a smile to the faces of those still in a situation where their favourite refuge is their bed. And if it’s any consolation, isn’t it great to feel wanted? Smile…go on…you know you want to 🙂


To do or not to do? That is the question.

Man (and woman) must have his (or her) passions in life which for me are art and music. Sometimes though it’s hard to decide which to do especially when said passions drift into the ‘need to do’ zone.

This little sketch is one I made years ago and is one I tend to look at when I’m indecisive hoping for some inspiration. Today, however, I don’t feel especially inspired just yet and so may have to stare at my drawing a little longer. Failing that I might have to toss a coin; heads for art, tails for music?