Interview over…

So I sat my two hour interview in Carmarthen which I thought went really well. The panel loved my presentation which was a great start to going into the formal questioning because it put me at ease. From their feedback I answered all the questions very thoroughly during which I brought in many experiences I have had professionally and through life. As might be expected (with me) there were elements of humour which went down well (thankfully).

I won’t know their decision until 13 June and so my fate is now in the lap of the gods; if I’ve been successful It looks like a September start. Naturally whichever way the wind blows I’ll let you (my fabulous readers and supporters) know straight away. Meanwhile I’m having a couple of days relaxing in Pembrokeshire before driving home Sunday. Im really exhausted after recent events of the last few weeks and drained from the last few days. A walk on the beach tomorrow me thinks. Blessings all x Alan

Interview Prep


Really long preparing a ten minute presentation for my interview Thursday; more so because I only had one day to do it. I’m mentally drained and driving to wales at four in the morning – still have packing to do! Spare me a thought at 1145 on Thursday please x thanks guys x