Life right now is very emotive. Two of my grandchildren are emigrating to Australia tomorrow and as I come to terms with that I’m just starting the last two weeks of my present job before moving to Wales to start a new job on 1st September. The paradox of saying goodbye to colleagues I’ve come to know and hello to others I need to get to know isn’t something I’m particularly looking forward to; as quite a sensitive person I’m going to have to work hard at keeping the lid on it all.

All around my house there’s packing boxes in every room, some taped up and others half full and so I’m feeling strangely transient while trying to lead a normal life. Spiritually I’ve already left one life but not yet started another; it feels like the (Buddhist) state of Bardo, the time between death and reincarnation. Thankfully I have a very strong faith.


Leaving a place of work is sometimes a difficult thing particularly when you have a group of colleagues who have become firm friends. Last night my closest friends turned up at an Indian restaurant to share a meal with me and Ms Grace and to wish me luck in my new job and it was nothing short of a blessing. The cherry on the top was not just their choice of farewell gift – a food hamper because they know how much I love to eat – but also the £30 they threw into my children’s charity fund (which when I have updated the web page will publicise it widely).

To Carol, Catherine, Jean, Vanessa, Anna, Paul, Tony, Mark and Stuart…thank you x (Shukriya)

Moving on…..

Today I had my formal redeployment meeting with the powers that be and learned that I will be leaving my current role within twelve weeks after three years as a result of my arthritis.

Moving on has been a regular feature throughout my life going back to my infant years in care and throughout my adult life in the Royal Navy and beyond but it’s never been something I’ve been very good at coping with. Not knowing where I will end up next always leaves me in a void. It’s also always a paradox; I hate saying goodbye so much that when I do have to say it I make it permanent. It’s extremely rare for me to stay in touch with former colleagues. So once again, come the day, I guess I’ll just slip out the door.