Finally looking forward to Christmas

My first day off and Im loving it. Even though Ive spent hours in grocery stores buying bags and bags of shopping. Actually the shopping was the easy part it was the queues to the pay desks and finding somewhere to park my car that were a real pain. And the driving rain didnt help.

Anyways Im finally home with my feet up and have a roaring fire on which is lovely. I finally feel that I can now slow down and chill a little.

My internet is still not at its best and so Ive written this post on my phone because Id rather do that than not say hello. Ive been so busy lately I cant remember if I had wished my readers Merry Christmas and said thank you for supporting me in my writings. I really do appreciate everyone who calls in, makes a comment or clicks the ‘like’ button. Sincere thanks. I hope your preparations for Christmas are going well and that you have lote of friends and family around you. Xxx