ManBoy Geordie. Memoirs of a child in care.

south-shields-1958A few new readers asked if I would republish my memoirs of life in a children’s home and through foster care. I had taken them off to do a sort of final edit but have put them back on line because of the recent interest. There are four chapters which detail the breakdown of my family, life in a children’s home and my subsequent move into foster care. They were difficult memoirs to write and there have been times when I’ve questioned why I wrote them. I think initially, as a displaced child, I had a great need to make some sort of sense of my life and put things in their proper place. Having worked in the social care profession for 25 years I now know how important life story work is and how healing it can be. I think I somehow had the idea too that my writings might be helpful to others brought up in similar situations and be a catalyst  giving them courage to face their own demons, although I afterwards felt that to be patronising and arrogant.

These days it isn’t unusual to see dozens of books on sale written by people who have had dreadfully abusive childhoods and it’s very easy to become cynical or fed up with hearing people bleating on – and I can equate with that. Readers of this post (or those who read my memoirs) are very welcome to express whatever they feel about my writings; I’m a big boy now, far removed from the vulnerable little man in the photograph. I’m also incredibly strong mentally; probably due in part to having the balls to stare pain straight in the eye because if I’ve learned anything I know that’s what takes it’s power away.

ManBoy Geordie chapters 1 to 4 are here on my website and readers are very welcome to read and comment as they wish


Young Daddy

Sweet memories of being a young Daddy, with Tracey in 1977 (Gibraltar), with Sam in 1977 (Gibraltar) and with Benita in 1980 (Nottingham UK). Having three children by the age of 22 was tough at times but far too wonderful for that to be important. And still having very close relationships with them all is priceless.


A few songs from Fitzy and Dixy…

Live on stage Nottingham

Live on stage Nottingham

Readers will know Fitzy and I spent seven years on the road the went our separate ways in 2005. Recently we met up and decided to reform in 2013 so as a celebration I’ve uploaded a few live tracks onto my music player here. The Fairytale of New York, Local Hero and I was There are typical classic examples from a Fitzy and Dixy show; they were recorded about 10 years ago. Hope you like x Alan